Awesome Moment♥

Awesome Moment♥
It doesn't matter what we do, where we go,or how long it takes.I just enjoy spending my time with you ♥

The Writer

The Writer
On,2013 Hello Guys/Girl who are veiwing my blogger thankyou so much spending a lil bit time in here.firtsly,i'm Nate. Secondly,do follow my blog i won't bite x) lastly,thanks for the readers who are press like button in my blog thanks so much.I'M TAKEN,that me (;

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend
This is the boy who i love,i care,i want,i need so much.His name is Jason Manai.i'll remember the way he treat me.His joke#omg.ordinary taken by him.His cute okay and perfect i's a long been relationship with my lover and yet till now ilovehim

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's all about Jason Manai 2013

First of all, I would like to tell you how I miss my manai so much. Even I'm far from him right now, i know how strong for us can handle it :) This is how I express my feeling towards my boy. I know we are on our way but it's just a moment.Maybe, one fine day I'm officially with him. Will be pray for that also.But it's time for me to keep thinking to him. but no longer again my man will be came out from PLKN already. Yahooo, will be meet him soon :D

Ohmaiii. I don't know what suprise should I give to him. Let me think first for that. Hope I can get it as fast as I can. Honestly I'm been with him about 5 years already. I proud of that :D
Please God help me to take good care of my manai at Junaco Park Sibu.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Gift♥

I dont know how I'm going to express my feeling towards him. I'm just feel guilty to him.
Why were I'm just pretend like this. Why were me like this? how I'm going to say. Actually, I wont disturb you anymore :) I'll make my own way. My life, my boyfriend and my future. If this way it make me hurt totally, It's me going to face that. I'm the one who will control that. It's should be this way. No other way. I'll appreciate Manai gift to me. I dont know, how to thankful towads him. Thankyou so much much sayang I love you. Thankyou for cheer me up when I need the present so much. You spent a lot of money towards me.
Spent my time with me. Thankyou so much sayang for thisssss!♥ 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Belated Birthday To My Sayang Jason Manai♥

A Big Special Day to My Sayang Jason Manai ♥. Today you add one more year to your lifetime and I am happy to be with you on this important day. I wish all your dreams come true. "Happy Birthday" means much more. Than have a happy day.Within these words lie lots of things.I never get to say. It means I love you first of all,Then thanks for all you do to me. It means you mean a lot to me. And that I'm proud of you. But most of all, I guess it means that I am thinking of you on this very special day. I didnt believe in Forever Everlasting Love because I know you still love me day by day. Thank you Sayang For Our Years Relationship ♥

A sweet poem that will move your boyfriend♥ 

I wish you could see my heart
Then you would have known whom I adore
But see your face in my eyes
And know that I will love you evermore.
You are the only man
Who in my heart does stay
May love ever keep us united
That I can wish you every year.

I Love You Manai♥ 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012♥

Yeappyy! Sorry For Late Posting:) I'm Busy Nowadays~
Thanks to Our God who make us still alive and breath like always. And not forget thanks God 
who still manage to guide my family and my belove one Manai ;) I'm just feeling awesome this year because I got new job to babysitter my Aldrine! We celebrating new year in Sarikei. 
It much fun here because Our relative were enjoy celebrating :)
The day in Rumah Nyukang and in our aunts house at Bayong. There a lot of fun and enjoyable. Tomorrow I have to left Sarikei because I move to Bintulu where my job taking part gah, I had to struggle because 
I want to be a Great Womanizer! Who are girl not depend on others money. Come one~ Just act you can be independent by your own money. I have a lot of things gonna buy. And I cant wait anymore :P I'm very Enjoyable walking at Sibu justnow with my sister Nelly and Barry. Barry spents his time with us. Laughing,joking and eating. Omg,very full tank till now. Thanks Barry For All ;) Oh my Baby,
I miss my sayang Manai badly ;'( even he is in Doha,and will back on this coming friday on 6th January 2012 feels like my heart beat faster ;D I just cant wait for our 1 year anniversary and his birthday! I want the best new year ever with my belove one that is Manai♥. Guess what my sayang SPM this year. Wish he all the best! I will support you sayang no matter what! :)

My Sayang♥

Damn Cute Face By Manai♥
I Love Him ♥

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet My Girlfriends Baby Moment.

A day meets my Friends Angelina Nano. Nickname Nano ;) Thats was totally awesome day
walking with her. Many jokes and story we share. From KFC and going out to Mutiara Food Court having a night eating there! I miss this all baby. Thanks for your family who invite me and my sister Nessy walking around. I glad to know more about your family its reminds me about how funny your family is.
Thanks God brings me meets with you. Thanks for choosing a best gift to my nephew new born babe. Lastly, this was our memorial picture which we snap together ;D

The best memories to say!:) Thanks again!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Day Of Night!

I would like to say this is the day I had to say 'Goodbye to my friends Daniel' Omg, Its seems Im just 
longg enough with him since I on form 3. There lately suprise when I know him will be move to Miri.
Its been a long way to understand how this situation drops towards me. I just freak when knowing that
we had to seperate :'( btw,we will miss you Daniel. I notice it babe :(
This is ours friends memorial to Daniel :"(

We gonna Miss You A Lot Daniel :(

This is a friends who understand my days mood :) 
If I going to Miri,I'll be text you okay ;)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yes SPM will Over soon~ ( Its A Sky Full Of Lighters )

Today,feels cant wait to wait till SPM over bebeh!:) Gilaaaaa yaw! HAHA Thanks to my principal of SMK Bandar Bintulu who make my dayy! Yer,yer kedak nyaaaa,haha
Eih Thanks to my teachers and friends who teachs me what I dont know and Discover what shud me the easier for me to score oh well Thankyou!:) However, I had a lot of days that make my days feels
better again and again that was my sayang. But he at Doha now :( kinda miss him already haiyaaaaa, hope his fine there with his Daddy. Send my regret to your Daddy okay?:)
Hoping for new present from him hehe,Ngegeh youuu! Oh whats it me laaa~ Eih another sweet days is ahhh.. Guess what? -.-'
It's been a best day for me and pretty blessed day to My Oldest Brother Nicky Jenat and his wife Scientia Kapok because of new arrival baby boy! Ohmygod,it's been like a dream when I heard my own nephew was born today. It's awesome and happy when I heard my nephew was born on number 29 same as me and different months! Nah,see as my nephew same number of born like me, I think I would like to buy a special new gift for him. And Please send my regret and kiss to my nephew. Aunty soon will see him! ;) Love Peace And Joy to My Brother New Family. God Bless Your Family.
Ohhh myyy, cant wait to see my sweet nephew,just look alike me aite? haha not yet see laaa~ Hey After SPM I want to go stub stab para para paraaa~ with my friends after SPM thats was Awesome!:)
awwwwwww♥ love that yaaaaa!