Awesome Moment♥

Awesome Moment♥
It doesn't matter what we do, where we go,or how long it takes.I just enjoy spending my time with you ♥

The Writer

The Writer
On,2013 Hello Guys/Girl who are veiwing my blogger thankyou so much spending a lil bit time in here.firtsly,i'm Nate. Secondly,do follow my blog i won't bite x) lastly,thanks for the readers who are press like button in my blog thanks so much.I'M TAKEN,that me (;

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend
This is the boy who i love,i care,i want,i need so much.His name is Jason Manai.i'll remember the way he treat me.His joke#omg.ordinary taken by him.His cute okay and perfect i's a long been relationship with my lover and yet till now ilovehim

Monday, November 22, 2010

i stood for awhile

see how nice she make YOU smile everday . you should know that im might be not for you . you deal with her . when i start to cry dont ever talk or speak to me cause that story make me feels burst-inggg on YOU . imeant♥
no need some tears or what when someone make u mad . cause they really dont care your feel just try to let it of . i'll keep what surpose to be mine . may not now you with me . so stop in searchingg me again . i warn on you . start new life with best memories without you♥ , GOD KNOWS ;'(
oh god ! how can i face this situation . i like being force by someone . but there not . im just lying on weakness . ohohoh ;O i try my best in forgetting on . you need a girl , but you have her , u need a smile , u have her . all you want you have her . but stop please i warn , go a
wayy from me . dont ever say it again . when you know the mean by loving , u shall remember me when we first time met ;'(
this is the second day . im in remmember someone .ohoh god . what can i do now . they like being always pass in my mind . should i throw them all . fogret the pass . feels like im just weak to measure how hurt me towards you ?
you really didnt care .ohohohmygod!should i lose my memories towards that person .
the last n the last i have on someone when we startknow-ingg in each other . i keep it as mysecret.
the sacrifice i make it just like not meaningful again&again.i just in bad losinggg someone make me stood up n cry in little
once . do person know im cry-ingg .! so why you should cry now !
the person didnt care you much okayy dearrr ! the person might not know you so STOP feel like you want all.
the memories should closed okayy , ;(

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