Awesome Moment♥

Awesome Moment♥
It doesn't matter what we do, where we go,or how long it takes.I just enjoy spending my time with you ♥

The Writer

The Writer
On,2013 Hello Guys/Girl who are veiwing my blogger thankyou so much spending a lil bit time in here.firtsly,i'm Nate. Secondly,do follow my blog i won't bite x) lastly,thanks for the readers who are press like button in my blog thanks so much.I'M TAKEN,that me (;

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend
This is the boy who i love,i care,i want,i need so much.His name is Jason Manai.i'll remember the way he treat me.His joke#omg.ordinary taken by him.His cute okay and perfect i's a long been relationship with my lover and yet till now ilovehim

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Ring And Bracelet ♥

The special ring and bracelet i have from my boyfie,it's seem i need to keep it save so that no one cant 
replace his heart except me.Truly,i'm loving to my sayang J'Manai no matter what it condition is but i will 
keep you save in my heart sayang,if there anyone who want to make our crash relationship,
please-lah go and find an other guy you impress not by taking my boyfie.There's a lot of memories i have
with him.It's hard to say how much this love words tell about Manai.Everday there's no complete
if i'm not text-ing with him.Words love meanful to me and you ♥ :)


Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm obviously amazing with you J'Manai

Today morning i like to express about the way you treat a best for me that make me proud.When I'm with you,I know it's where I am supposed to be.When I'm not with you,all I think about is being with you so I can feel complete:) i love you!.You are the reason my day is great. The reason why i smile.Why I laugh. You are my world. I love you with my Heart, Soul, and Mind.I have the most amazing,perfect and totally awesome boyfriend in the world, and I couldn't be happier :)I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go. I love you more than anyone, I just had to let you know.You're the lyrics to my love song.I had you in my past, I have you in my present, and I want you in my future.It's a day i feel that we're begin closer enough babe and i want that will be happen and happen till my last ever maybe people tought that we dont have to take it over in relationship,but for me both of us plan and God ensure,I'm avoid from the Prowler who are mcb with our relation.please-lah.ahhh,wateva,


Thursday, July 7, 2011

From this moment♥

 Today,it's really romantic day aww me with him.thats should be always be my sayang's really hard to say here about what i feel now towards a day i had with you.what a amazing day i walk this was a year two of us.maybe,it's really meanful for me,thankyou manai :") for all you've done and make me a great day  today.
I do swear that I'll always be there.I'd give anything and everything and I will always care.Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better for worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart♥.From this moment life has begun.You are the one right beside you is where I belong from this moment on.
From this moment I have been blessed.I live only for your happiness and for your love I'd give my last breath.
I give my hand to you with all my heart.Can't wait to live my life with you,can't wait to start.You and I will never be apart.My dreams came true because of you.From this moment as long as I live.I will love you,I promise you this.There is nothing I wouldn't give.You're the reason I believe in love and you're the answer to my prayers from up above.All we need is just the two of us.My dreams came true because of you.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Girl :)

it's a day i celebrate my birthday last nite.looks happy today got a drink&drunk while eating some foods.aww.credits to pheron.thankyou so much gave me this picture hehe.
aww at this day i had a special day to say about my birthday i had no days to tell with.i'm happy last night it's really fun.havin a nice laughing together and i celebrate it with my friends and sisters at sf last nite.we're talking laugh at there what a funny yet.and i'll happy with me because i'm successful being 17 this year.I just done my secondary school also this year.I still can't wait about my coming blown hair aww.must must must!:D and not
forget about the lisence i will take.i'm so happy when my birthday when my friends wishing to me ave me agift thankyou all.aww and not so forget about my boyfie manai who gave me the bracelet and sing me birthday song,iknow its very the sumbang but and yet i love the way you express your love through the way you sing awww thankyou so much much muchhh sayang i'll appericiate it much.i'll keep it okay?dont worry as long the gift is with me i will not lose it for a while or's very meanful to me.the funnisest while celebrating my birthday will not i'll forget so :) thanks and care fellas.not forget about my teacher who sing me a birthday song HAHA it's funny while you sing.