Awesome Moment♥

Awesome Moment♥
It doesn't matter what we do, where we go,or how long it takes.I just enjoy spending my time with you ♥

The Writer

The Writer
On,2013 Hello Guys/Girl who are veiwing my blogger thankyou so much spending a lil bit time in here.firtsly,i'm Nate. Secondly,do follow my blog i won't bite x) lastly,thanks for the readers who are press like button in my blog thanks so much.I'M TAKEN,that me (;

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend
This is the boy who i love,i care,i want,i need so much.His name is Jason Manai.i'll remember the way he treat me.His joke#omg.ordinary taken by him.His cute okay and perfect i's a long been relationship with my lover and yet till now ilovehim

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet My Girlfriends Baby Moment.

A day meets my Friends Angelina Nano. Nickname Nano ;) Thats was totally awesome day
walking with her. Many jokes and story we share. From KFC and going out to Mutiara Food Court having a night eating there! I miss this all baby. Thanks for your family who invite me and my sister Nessy walking around. I glad to know more about your family its reminds me about how funny your family is.
Thanks God brings me meets with you. Thanks for choosing a best gift to my nephew new born babe. Lastly, this was our memorial picture which we snap together ;D

The best memories to say!:) Thanks again!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Day Of Night!

I would like to say this is the day I had to say 'Goodbye to my friends Daniel' Omg, Its seems Im just 
longg enough with him since I on form 3. There lately suprise when I know him will be move to Miri.
Its been a long way to understand how this situation drops towards me. I just freak when knowing that
we had to seperate :'( btw,we will miss you Daniel. I notice it babe :(
This is ours friends memorial to Daniel :"(

We gonna Miss You A Lot Daniel :(

This is a friends who understand my days mood :) 
If I going to Miri,I'll be text you okay ;)